Kayla moved to Philadelphia to work towards a BFA from Tyler School of Art at Temple University. She spent those four years in the city discovering whom she was as an artist as well as an adult. During those four years, she realized what kind of artist she wanted to be and what inspirations fueled her drive. Tyler introduced her to a whole new world of artistic opportunities that she never even thought of exploring. One of those was the ability to transform textiles into a medium for not only fine art, but also a medium to bring visions to fruition. The first textile class she enrolled in was Weaving I, which was the moment she realized she wanted to be a textile artist. Since that class, she learned how to expertly dye fabric, silkscreen, embroider, weave, sew, knit, spin, and digitally transform any vision into a textile piece. From there, she realized that these techniques and designs can be applied to many other surfaces besides textiles, using computer software and printing technology.

Kayla enrolled in the surface imaging program at Philadelphia University, where the focus of study is not only designing, but discovering the many different kinds of materials that the designs can live upon. In the first semester, she not only bettered her abilities in the Adobe suite, but also learned to print on wallpaper substrates, vinyl, velcro, wood, metal, tile, concrete, acrylic and any other surface she could feed through the high quality UV printers. Kayla hopes to experiment and explore throughout her studies as much as possible, so that she can enter into the design realm with not only the computer skills needed, but the ability to properly choose a substrate and successfully print high quality images upon them. She hopes that this knowledge will help her to find a creative job in the design industry.